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Tagline : "One small step for man, one giant leap for terror."

Leprechaun 4 : In SpaceYes, this time he's in outer space. Set in the distant future, a ship full of Space Marines are sent to a remote planet, to hunt down and kill a certain mischievous Leprechaun (Warwick Davis again), who's been disrupting various mining operations across the galaxy, as well as kidnapping a certain space princess (played by former Baywatch babe Rebekah Carlton), who they have to rescue.

Having apparently dealt with the meddlesome midget, they return to their ship with the princess and head for home. But it seems you can't keep a bad leprechaun down. You remember the chest-bursting scene from "Alien"? Well this one marine experiences something infinitely more painful, which leaves him deeply regretting pissing on the Leprechauns remains back on the planet.

Anyway, with the Leprechaun now running amok on board the ship, it's down to the other Marines to try and stop him. Meanwhile, the ship's commander Dr Mittenhand (played by English TV actor Guy Siner), who bears an uncanny resemblance to Davros from "Dr Who", is doing some bizarre experiments on the princess. Can the Marines stop the Leprechaun before he wipes out the entire crew, and just what is Dr Mittenhand up to with the princess and why does the Leprechaun want her for that matter?

Cheerfully ripping off the "Alien" films, with numerous "Star Wars" references thrown in for good measure (well they would do, considering Warwick Davis was in several of them). Whilst the film had potential, this actually proves to be one of the least entertaining of the series. The jokes don't seem to work as well this time, plus it was weird seeing Guy Siner in this as Dr Mittenhand, who played Lt Gruber in "Allo Allo", as I kept expecting the guy who plays officer Crabtree in that series to walk in and say "Good Moaning".

The film also begs the question, just how come so many of these series end up in outer space? We've had "Critters 4 : Critters in Space", "Hellraiser : Bloodline" and of course "Jason X", which did seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to this (no wonder that film got such a bad rap). To be fair, the film does have its moments and isn't a total loss, but it's really one for fans of the series only.

Overall Marks : 4.5/10.

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