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Tagline : "To get out of Vegas alive, you'll have to stay away from his pot of gold!"

Leprechaun 3When a Las Vegas pawn shop owner buys a Leprechaun statue from an old guy, claiming it to be some sort of lucky charm, little does he know the sort of luck it will bring him. Ignoring the old guy's advice not to touch the medallion round it's neck, he foolishly removes it, only to find that this is no statue, and everyone's favourite foul mouthed fairy is on the rampage once more (played by Warwick Davis once again).

How he came to be in that state isn't explained and I'm working on the assumption that, once again, this is yet another different Leprechaun and not one of the ones from the previous films, but anyway. A fracas between the Leprechaun and the store owner subsequently ensues, during which he loses one of his gold shillings, which is later found by student Scott McCoy (John Gatins), who discovers it has the ability to make your wishes come true.

Heading back to the aptly named Lucky Shamrock casino, he subsequently finds he's on a winning streak, much to the chagrin of the casinos owner Mitch (Michael Callan) who's in debt to a couple of small time heavies. But with the Leprechaun looking to reclaim his shilling and the Casino staff trying to rip off his money and steal the lucky coin from him, it seems his winning streak is about to come to an end. Particularly after the Leprechaun bites him on the arm and he begins to go through a hideous transformation (Leprechaun bites are contagious now?).

Aided by one of the casino employees, Tammy (Lee Armstrong), a magicians assistant (who spends virtually the entire film dressed rather fetchingly in her stage costume, consisting of a skin-tight leotard and fishnets), they attempt to recover the coin and defeat the Leprechaun, who's busy bumping off the rest of the casino staff, before Scott can fully transform. If only they can get their hands back on that medallion?

Also starring horror B-movie actress Caroline Williams, this is arguably the funniest in the series. There's the usual slapstick gore and the Leprechaun's limericks are even more vulgar than before, if such a thing were possible ("For pulling this trick, I'll chop off your dick"?). As with the previous movie, this is not a direct sequel, as it doesn't follow on from the events of the other films, though whilst one can leave aside the fact that the Leprechaun's money can now grant wishes and there's this medallion which can stop him, which wasn't mentioned in previous movies, it does sort of make you wonder just how many Leprechauns are there running round the US causing havoc?

But anyway, it's all good fun and if you liked the other movies you'll love this.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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