Alternate titles : Krug and Company, Grim Company, The Mens Room,Sex Crime of the Century, Night of Vengeance

Tagline : "To avoid fainting, just keep repeating, it's only a movie...only a movie...only a movie."

Last House on the LeftHorror Director Wes Craven's debut film, centre's around young Mari Collingwood (Sandra Cassel), who is celebrating her 16th birthday by going to see a rock concert with her friend Phyllis (Lucy Grantham). On their way, they call in at a nearby flat hoping to score some dope, only they find they've been tricked, and the occupants are not really interested in selling drugs.

They turn out to be 4 escaped criminals. Krug Stillo (David Hess), his girlfriend Sadie (Jeramie Rain), son Junior (Marc Sheffler) and accomplice Fred "Weasel" Podowski (Fred J. Lincoln) who've just broken out of jail and are looking for some fun and excitement of their own.

Having held the girls hostage overnight, they're then loaded into the boot of their getaway car and driven into the countryside, where they are marched into the woods and subjected to various indignities and torture. Phyllis is instructed to "piss her pants", then strip off with Mari and start "making out" together. Krug and Weasel then take to torturing the two girls with knives, before finally being raped and shot.

But when their getaway car breaks down, they are forced to call in at a nearby house for help. As it turns out, the place actually happens to belong to Mari's parents, who agree to let them stop over till the local garage opens in the morning. But upon discovering who these people are and what they've done to their daughter and friend, they decide to exact an equally brutal and bloody revenge on the killers, with shotguns, chisels and chainsaws.

Produced by Sean Cunningham, who went on to Direct Friday the 13th, this is not the sort of film you would expect either of them to be associated with, but what is particularly odd is that the vile scenes of torture and humiliation are bizarrely offset by some rather inappropriate "jolly" sounding country and western music, along with some comedic scenes of 2 goofy cops, who spend most of the film wandering through the woods after their police car runs out of fuel.

Banned in the UK for many years as a "Video Nasty", if you enjoy exploitation pics, or are interested in seeing Cravens earlier works before he turned mainstream, then I would recommend it to you. But don't expect to see buckets of blood and gore (of which there is very little). The film is not really deserving of it's infamy.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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