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Tagline : "Don't Forget You're Lunch"

Lake Placid 3Following on about a year after the events of "Lake Placid 2", Nathan Bickerman (played by US TV actor Colin Ferguson), who's the nephew of the old lady from part 2 (not sure if that makes him the son of the lady from part 1?), has come to clear out the old lakeside homestead.

However, his young son Connor (Jordan Grehs) discovers some baby Crocs in the lake and decides to feed them the steroid laden meat from his late aunts freezer and soon afterwards, there's a whole new pack of giant CGI animated crocodiles on the rampage and his father Nathan, who happens to be a wildlife ranger, quickly discovers what's been decimating the local elk population.

The new Sheriff (played by noted character actor Michael Ironside) is at first sceptical about another batch of giant crocs (and is none to happy about the practical jokes certain townsfolk keep playing on him). But when one upturns his boat, he is forced to concede on the issue.

More body parts pop-up as more nubile young teens become gator bait (well, crocodile bait anyway), and Nathan, the Sheriff and a hunter named Reba ("Kick-Ass"s Yancy Butler), who's hunting party was also attacked by one of the creatures, fight for their lives trying to make it back out of the woods to safety.

As with part 2, this one was originally made for the Sci-fi channel on TV and is not exactly a masterpiece of modern cinema. But if you enjoy these cheesy, low budget horror films, and/or you enjoyed the previous film, then you should enjoy this. Fans of long running TV soap "Emmerdale" may be interested in the opening scene in which Roxanne Pallet, who played Jo Sugden in the show, goes skinny dipping. But otherwise, you might want to steer clear.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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