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Tagline : "Part mystery. Part thriller. Parts missing."

Lake PlacisSet in a New England national park, ranger Jack Wells (Bill Pullman) is alarmed when one of his wardens is pulled from the lake half eaten following a routine dive. Enlisting the help of the local Sheriff and some wildlife experts headed up by Kelly Scott (Bridgett Fonda), they attempt to find out what's lurking in the lake.

It turns out the problem is down to a giant crocodile, that's been living in the lake for some time. Quite how the damn thing got so big is never explained, but once we find out what the problem is, the fun really begins, as it periodically pops up to chomp down on locals and tourists.

Oliver Platt turns up as croc expert Hector Cyr, who's eccentric behaviour provides the film with some of its funnier moments, as he continually annoys the Sheriff (Brendan Gleason). There's also a bizarre sub-plot about some old woman (played by former "Golden Girl" Brenda White) who knows more about what's in the lake than she cares to admit (isn't there ALWAYS someone like this in these films?).

This is a great horror-comedy, which manages to be both serious and funny at the same time. There's some truly great moments, most notably when Oliver Platt's character quite literally bumps into the giant croc in the lake, along with some nice action scenes and moments of suspense and gore.

Best line of dialogue: Finding what's left of a toe, the Sheriff is asked "Was this your man?", to which he replies "He Seemed Taller!"

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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