Alternate titles : The Killer Hand, The Devil Reached In.

Tagline : "The touching story of a boy and his right hand."

Idle HandsThere's an old saying "The Devil makes work for Idle Hands", and that's exactly what happens to deadbeat Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa), who could easily be described as the laziest kid in class if it wasn't for the fact he doesn't even bother attending.

Spending most of his time either in bed, in front of the TV eating junk food or smoking pot. He is completely dumbfounded when he finds he's somehow involved in the recent spate of serial killings that have been taking place around town.

But when he inadvertently kills his stoner friends, Pnub and Mick (Elden Henson and Seth Green) he realises that he's no longer in control of his right hand, which seems to be possessed by some evil spirit or other. To make matters worse, his hand seems to want to kill the girl across the street, Molly (as played by a then unknown Jessica Alba) quite badly, which is going to rather spoil his chances of asking her out.

Help is at hand (pardon the pun), as Pnub and Mick come back from the dead as zombies to try and help stop Anton's hand and help him win Molly's affection. But with a ruthless druid priestess on his trail (Vivica Fox) looking at stopping him her way, it's going to be one hell of a Halloween party!

Borrowing elements from "The Evil Dead" and Peter Jackson's "Brain Dead", this is a hilarious film that manages to get the balance of horror and humour just right. Also featuring a guest appearance by rock band "The Offspring", the film is worth watching just for Jessica Alba's skimpy outfits alone!

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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