Alternate titles : M.A.R.K. 13

Tagline : "It Activates, It Exhilarates, It Exterminates."

HardwareSet in the post-apocalyptic waste that is Earth's future, a young salvage dealer named Mo (Dylan McDermot) purchases the remains of an experimental military droid from a local scrap merchant, which he then leaves round at his girlfriend Jill's flat.

Unfortunately for Jill (Stacey Travis), as soon as Mo pops out again, the droid re-activates and manages to rebuild itself using various household implements, including a chainsaw and disc-cutter. Once whole, it then proceeds to chase her round her apartment and try to kill her.

To make matters slightly more interesting the local peeping tom (William Hootkins), who has been prying into her apartment with his high-tech gadgetry and making obscene phone calls, decides to finally call round and introduce himself at this most inopportune moment. Only to find himself trapped in the flat with her, at the mercy of the killer droid.

Eventually Mo comes back and manages to save the day, except the fun still isn't over yet. This damn droid will not stay down and gets up once again, to start chasing Jill, Mo and the apartment security guards round her flat, then start hacking, crushing and sawing them up in loving detail.

Although fairly low budget and released direct-to-video here in the UK when it came out in the early 90's, this is quite an enjoyable Sci-Fi shocker, even if only for being able to listen to the rantings of Iggy Pop, who provided the voice of the manic radio DJ in the film. Lemmy from Motorhead also makes a cameo appearance as a taxi driver and there's a great Heavy Metal/Hard Rock soundtrack to boot!

Overall Marks : 5/10

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