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Tagline : "Mans deadliest invention is about to show its metal."

DescriptionSet in the not-too-distant future, the new Vice President of the Chaank weapons corporation, Hayden Cale (Ely Pouget), is not best pleased with the antics of their chief weapons designer Jack Dante (Brad Douriff) who's a bit of a manic character and has been producing some questionable weapons of late.

However, the other company execs, in particular the company director, Scott Ridley (Richard Brake) seem scared of him and not without good reason. Dante has been working on his latest invention, "The ultimate frontline morale destroyer" and it is thought it might have had something to do with the mysterious death of the previous Company director.

Taking matter into her own hands, Hayden and the security cheif, John Carpenter (William Hootkins), seals Dante's metallic monster in the company vault. Only to have things ballsed up by a group of humanitarian eco-warriors, who break into the vault hoping to blow up the company's funds, but inadvertently end up releasing Dante's "Death Machine".

Trapped in the building with Dante's killer robot on the loose, they load up with some super high-tech machine guns from the company weapons lab and try to break out. Of course, all hell breaks loose as the Death Machine comes after them and they try to fight it off.

Written and directed by Stephen Norrington, who went on to direct the vampire film "Blade", this is a really enjoyable Sci-Fi/Horror shocker, although it was perhaps a little reminiscent of "Hardware" (in which co-star William Hootkins also appears). But don't be put off, this is great stuff. Even if for only Brad Douriff's manic performance as a mad scientist. Check it out!

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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