Alternate titles : "The Torture Chamber of Dr. Fu Manchu", "Assignment Istanbul".

Tagline : "The world's most evil man, with a fiendish plan of conquest."

The Castle of Fu ManchuThe Fifth and final outing for Christopher Lee's Fu Manchu, which is once again Directed by the infamous Jess Franco, takes place this time in Turkey, where the infamous supervillain has developed a device that can turn the oceans into ice. Which we see being demonstrated during the intro, using some edited flashback footage from a previous film, intercut with some stock footage of a ship sinking after hitting an iceberg.

Having captured the Governer's castle in Istanbul, because it contains a massive Opium store, which he needs in order to help fuel his machine. He and his evil Daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin) set about kidnapping scientists in order to help him build and maintain a new machine.

However, his nemesis Nayland Smith of Scotland Yard (Richard Greene reprising his role from the previous film) and his assistant Dr Petrie (Howard Marion-Crawford ) are on the case and with the assistance of a local crime lord, which Fu Manchu double crossed, attempt to shoot their way into the castle and stop him again.

Easily the least entertaining in the series, relying on stock footage from other films and previous entries in the series to help pad the plot, Christopher Lee puts in his usual menacing performance as the film's titular villain and there are the usual elaborate deaths and gun fights. But sadly, the film's lack of budget is glaringly obvious, combined with Franco's poor direction, makes this a somewhat disappointing finale to the series.

Worth a watch., but as with the previous film, is one that can only really be recommended to fans of the series.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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