Alternate titles : The 13 Slave Girls of Dr. Fu Man Chu, Fu Manchu - Servant of the Devil, Fu Manchu's Diabolical Revenge.

Tagline : "Better Dead than Wed."

The Brides of Fu ManchuFu Manchu (Christopher Lee) is back with his evil daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin) in this hastily produced sequel to "The Face of Fu Manchu" and is busy implementing his latest masterplan for world domination.

Having kidnapped the daughters of a number of prominent scientists from around the world, he forces their fathers to help him build a deadly new weapon, capable of transmitting devastating blasts of radio energy, that can destroy anything at any place in the world. Which he plans to demonstrate when he threatens to destroy The Windsor Castle.

But hot on his trail again and determined to stop him at any cost, is Scotland Yard's Nayland Smith (played this time by Douglas Wilmer) and his assistant Dr Petrie (Howard Marion-Crawford). Who discovers what his REAL target is...

Tracking Fu Manchu down to his new hideout in North Africa, where he delights in torturing the young ladies and throwing them in snake pits when their father's refuse to cooperate. More gunfights, car chases and elaborate deaths ensue, as Smith attempts to thwart him once and for all.

As with the previous film, this is more of a dark thriller than a horror, and is not overly gory. But one that should appeal to fans of Christopher Lee, or Hammer/Amicus style gothic horrors. Look out for British/Chinese actor Burt Kwouk, a familiar face on British TV and in films, as one of Fu Manchu's henchmen.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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