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Tagline : "Like Father, Like Son..."

The Fly 2Picking up sometime after the original, we see news reporter Veronica (played this time by Saffron Henderson) giving birth to a large sticky bug cocoon (remember, she was pregnant with Seth Brundle's child at the end of part 1), which spilts open to reveal an apparently normal child.

Unfortunately, Veronica dies after child birth, and the young lad, who they name Martin, is raised at the company labs of Bartok Inc, who had financed Seth Brundles teleportation experiments. Where he grows at an exponential rate, becoming fully grown at age 5.

But although Martin (Eric Stoltz) has everything he wants, he is secretly being studied and exploited. So when he begins to undergo a hideous transformation, as his father's mutant DNA starts to affect him, the company decide to let the mutations run there course, rather than try and find a cure.

But this turns out to be not such a good idea, as the newly mutated Martin subsequently goes on the rampage, and proceeds to wiping out the all company scientists and senior staff in a bloody massacre.

Also starring Daphne Zuniga as a sympathetic research assistant, who tries to help him. As far as sequels go this is quite a respectable follow up, although lacks the novelty that made the first film so fun. But makes up for this with more excessive gore. If you enjoyed Cronenberg's remake you should enjoy this equally gruesome yarn.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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