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Tagline : "Be afraid...Be very afraid."

The Fly (1986)This reworking of the original 1958 sci-fi/horror pic by director David Cronenberg certainly raised a few eyebrows when released back in the mid-80's. Partly because of the devastating special effects, but mostly because of the phenomenal amount of gore.

The story centres around an eccentric scientist type named Seth Brundle (played by a Pre-Jurrassic Park Jeff Goldblum), who's invented a revolutionary new form of transport. Namely, a matter transporter, which he uses to try and impress attractive, female reporter Veronica Quaife (Gena Davis).

Needless to say, impressed she is and she subsequently agrees to help him with his research. Unfortunately though, when Seth finally decides to test the machine on himself, an unwanted insect interloper (ie, a fly) enters the transport pod with him.

Although the experiment appears to work, shortly afterwards he starts to undergo a hideous transformation. Thick wirey hairs appear on him, his body begins to mutate, skin starts to peel and finally parts begin to drop off him in the most gruesome of fashions (the scene where his ear drops off is particularly memorable).

Seems Seth and the fly have been merged and he is slowly becoming a giant insect. Can he be cured, and if not will they find a fly swat big enough todeal with him? Could Veronica be pregnant, and if so, will she give birth to a baby or a maggot? If you want to find out (and if you haven't seen this film before, WHY NOT?) you'll have to watch it and see.

A truly grotesque remake, made as only David Cronenberg could. This is spectacularly fun and gross horror and should be considered essential viewing.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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