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Tagline : "This ride will be the death of you!"

Final Destination 3Death comes chasing after yet another group of hapless youngsters in this third outing, only this time its a group who get thrown off a rollercoaster ride, after one of the girls in the group, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), has a premonition about it crashing and starts panicking.

If you've seen the other two films you'll know what to expect next, as the rollercoaster duly crashes, then death comes chasing after the survivors and lots of fun and gory deaths quickly ensue, whilst Wendy and her boyfriend Kevin (Ryan Merriman) try to figure out how to avoid getting killed all over again.

This third outing is more of a standalone film, with the previous movies just getting a passing mention, rather than having any interlinking characters. Whilst the films premise may be a tad predictable, it still proves to be highly entertaining viewing, with some suitably gory deaths.

If you enjoyed the previous films, you should similarly get a kick out of this one, the highlights of which including death by sun bed, death by weightlifting equipment and best of all death by engine block (best death scene ever in my book)!!!!..

No Tony Todd this time though, although some of the sharper eared viewers may recognise the familiar voice of devil at the entrance to the Roller Coaster ride.

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