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Tagline : "No accidents, no co-incidences, no can't cheat death!"

Final DestinationA group of college kids, heading to France on a school trip, get kicked off their plane after one them, Alex (Devon Sawa), becomes hysterical and starts screaming that the plane is going to blow up.

Having been ejected from the flight, his friends are shocked when the aircraft they were supposed to be on duly blows up after take off. But the kids have barely had time to come to terms with their lucky escape when they then start dieing in mysterious circumstances.

At first, Alex and the others think its just a series of bizarre co-incidences, but then when they notice they are getting killed off in the same order they would have died on the plane, they begin to wonder if something more sinister is at work.

As their friends start to die in ever more bizarre and elaborate ways, it soon becomes obvious that you can't cheat death and there are no second chances.

Also starring Ali Larter and horror veteran Tony Todd as the creepy undertaker, this is a really fun film, with some highly imaginative killings. The death scene with American Pie actor Sean William Scott was worth the price of the film alone.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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