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Tagline : "They're Not Leaving Till They Get Dessert"

Feast 3 : The Happy FinishPicking up where Feast 2 left off, and the survivors find themselves on the run in the deserted town again, hiding in various buildings and crawling through sewers, whilst trying to fend off the ferocious beasts which are still on the loose.

This time they find themselves not only trying to dodge more of the strange alien beasts, but also infected humans, who seem to be displaying cannibalistic tendencies, and a new beast/human hybrid that emerges after one of them gets "violated" by one of the creatures (yes you heard that right).

The entire cast of the previous film return, including the Bartender (Clu Galagher), Biker Queen (Dianne Goldner) and of course Greg (Tom Gulager), complete with the iron pipe still sticking out of his skull, and overall is a pretty funny film and a marked improvement over part 2. There's more gross out special effects, plenty of slapstick gore, including a hilarious scene where someone tries to cauterise an arm wound using gunpowder, ala Rambo 3, with disastrous consequences and an "alien rape" scene that is just oh so wrong....

The only downside is that there is too much time spent running round in circles and crawling through sewers and not enough gun battles. The sub-plot with the infected humans just seemed to be a cheap way of introducing more creatures without having to have more monster suits and I was actually quite surprised that Honey Pie's character wasn't in the film much.

But anyway, if you're a fan of the previous films you should dig this, although I'm still not sure what to make of the twist in the ending. Just remember though , you might not have any arms but you only need 2 legs to "kick ass"!

Overall Marks : 5.5/10.

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