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Tagline : "They're back and they're still hungry!"

Feast 2 : Sloppy SecondsPicking up straight after the events of the first film and a lone biker chick named "Biker Queen" (Dianne Goldman) arrives at the remains of the truck-stop bar looking for her sister "Harley Mom" (who Goldman played in the previous film). Finding the bartender (Clu Gulager) still alive amongst the wreckage, she is not too chuffed when he informs her that her sister's body was used as bait to blow up a bunch of carniverous aliens.

Heading to the next town, looking for the survivors from the last film, they find that the aliens have decimated that town too and they end up holding up with another group of survivors and fighting another series of running battles with the unfriendly extra-terrestrials.

More gross out blood, guts and gunge ensue, along with a large dose of black humour, as the band of survivors try and fight their way out of their predicament and various body parts, both alien and human, go flying in the process. There's also an alien autopsy scene that will undoubtedly make you cringe in disgust.

This film seems a bit more jokey and comical than the last, but is still quite good fun. However, I thought the scenes of them trapped on the roof, whilst Honey Pie (returning from the previous film) being stuck in the shop below, just seemed to drag on a bit too long and perhaps been shorter. But fans of the original should definitely enjoy this. The scenes with the Mexican fighting midgets are worth the price of the film alone!

Overall Marks : 5.5/10.

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