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Tagline : "How do you kill something that won't die?"

Dead Next DoorThe zombies are on the march in Ohio, in B-movie director JR Bookwater’s cult 1988 film “The Dead Next Door” and much to the dismay of the local authorities, the re-animated corpses are not just extras from the local movie studio, as they go around tearing chunks out of people and spreading their infection.

To counter the growing zombie menace, the government despatches an elite specialist unit, known as 'The Zombie Squad', to find out what’s going on and try and pacify the situation.

Tracing the zombie outbreak to the town of Akron, they discover a bizarre religious cult, lead by a crazed priest named Jones (Jim’s younger brother?), who are worshipping the undead as divine beings and a fierce battle quickly ensues.

Hugely funny and exceptionally gory (would zombies really want to rent “Dawn of the Dead” from the local video library?) , this film appears to have been inspired by the likes of “Return of the Living Dead”, and Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste”, as well as borrowing elements from various George Romero films to potently good effect.

If you haven't seen this oft overlooked gem, I advise you do so immediately.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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