Alternate titles : The Bite

Tagline : "The first bite is the deepest"

Curse 2 : The BiteGiven how badly "The Curse" bombed at the box-office, one can only assume it did well on home video, because why else would you title an unrelated film as a supposed sequel to it? But anyway...

Young couple, Clark (J. Eddie Peck) and Lisa (Jill Shoelen), are on their way to Califoria, travelling on a remote desert highway, which passes close to an old nuclear testing range, when their car gets a flat tyre. Pulling over to change the wheel, Clark is subsequently bitten on the hand by a venomous snake, but fortunately they manage to find medical help in the next town, courtesy of a local "quack" doctor named Harry (played by Jamie Farr from MASH).

Unfortunately, it seems this was no ordinary snake, and as the couple continue their journey, Clark begins a hideous transformation, causing mayhem along the way, as his whole body starts to mutate and his hand becomes a snake head, which attacks anyone he comes into contact with, whilst Harry and the local Sheriff (Bo Svenson) try to track them down.

Originally released in the UK under it's original title "The Bite", I was sort of reminded of the film "Sssssss" (1973), which had a similar premise and overall this isn't a bad movie, as far as low budget horrors go, though that's not to say its a great one either. It does however feature some interesting special effects courtesy of Screaming Mad George though.

Jamie Farr's character provides the film with some miss-matched comic relief, and character actor Bo Svenson is aptly cast as the gruff Sheriff, but features no other noteworthy actors.

Worth a watch, but that's about it.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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