Alternate titles : The Curse 4 : The Ultimate Sacrifice

Tagline : "Dare you enter the labyrinth?"

CatacombsSet in Northern Italy, American school teacher Elizabeth Magrino (Laura Schaefer) is visiting the monastery of San Pietro, to brush up on her bible studies. Whilst there, one of the monks excavating the remains of the catacombs underneath the abbey stumbles across an ancient tomb.

After removing the seal from the tomb (never a wise idea in a horror film) the monastery is rocked by the mysterious disappearance and death of several of the monks. The extremely pious Brother Marinus (Jeremy West) immediately blames these events on Elizabeth's arrival, believing god is punishing them for allowing a woman into their order.

Befriended by a fellow American, a priest named Father Durham (Timothy Van Patten), who's staying at the monastery to try and find his 'calling' in life, they begin to investigate the old legends surrounding the catacombs and discover the tomb is said to contain an ancient demon, that was supposedly sealed up inside by the Inquisition during the mid-1500's. A story Brother Marinus insists to be true.

Of course the Father Superior, Brother Orsinni (Ian Abercrombie), thinks these old tales are nonsense. However, as more people disappear and demonic manifestations begin to emerge in the catacombs below, could Father Marinus actually be right?

Released in the US as part of the unrelated series of "Curse" sequels, Catacombs was produced by Charles Band, the guy that gave us the "Puppet Master" films and as such, is a respectable medium-budget horror. Though I did find that after the pre-credits intro, with the exorcism and imprisonment of the film's demon, the rest of the movie takes rather long to get going, so some may find this a bit on the slow side.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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