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Tagline : "If you think you know this story, think again!"

The Cabin in the WoodsA group of youths, including Kristen Connolly and that guy who played "Thor" (Chris Hemsworth) go for a weekend away at a remote woodland cabin, not realising that their every move is being secretly watched. As night falls, the group find themselves besieged by a bunch of badly decomposed zombies, brandishing various sharp farming implements, who proceed to start hacking their way through the lot of them.

But wait... before you go off thinking this is just another variation on the old "Evil Dead" theme, it turns out that this is all some sort of elaborate set up and that sinister elements are at work behind the scenes, manipulating what happens to our main protagonists.

However, they hadn't reckoned on the ingenuity of the resident stoner Marty (Fran Kranz), who manages to fend off the zombies with his trusty telescopic bong. Having rescued one of girls, Dana (Kirsten Connolly) from certain doom, the two end up uncovering a strange underground facility harbouring a vault full of monsters, which has something to do with them being part of some sort of ritual sacrifices to some ancient gods or something.

But Marty rescuing Dana has scuppered these evil doers plans to sacrifice them, and our plucky survivors now have more than just zombies and monsters to worry about.

Without doubt, one of the funniest horrors of 2012, which starts off as your typical teens in peril film, before taking an unconventional twist part way through, then descending into a full scale battle (can't go into detail otherwise it will ruin the ending).

I'd say this was probably one of the most fun experiences I had in the cinema for quite some time and thought the balance of horror and humour was spot on. I loved the way Marty goes from being the idiot to the hero over the course of the film, plus the subtle (and none to subtle) references to other movies throughout. Put simply, I would definitely give this one the thumbs and recommend it to fellow horror fans.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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