Alternate titles : Blood Devils, Beast of the Dead

Tagline : "On a hidden island, scientists perform unholy, grotesque experiments..."

Beast of BloodFor the first time, a "Blood Island" film that is actually a direct sequel. Picking up straight after the events of "Mad Doctor of Blood Island", one of the creatures from the previous film is found hiding aboard the boat that Dr Foster (John Ashley reprising his role) is departing on. A fight subsequently breaks out, as the creature attacks the crew, during which the boat catches fire and sinks.

A couple of years later, and we find Foster survived his ordeal and is returning to Blood Island to make sure everything is still well there. Unfortunately, he finds that his nemesis, Dr Lorca (now played by Eddie Garcia) also survived the events at the end of the last film and has been busy continuing with his bizarre experiments on the natives. As we see various green individuals with bad complexions trying to abduct numerous islanders.

We also find that Dr Lorca has recaptured the monster we saw trashing the boat at the start of the film, after it was washed ashore and has removed its head as part of some other bizarre experiment, to see how long he can keep the head and body alive separately by artificial means.

In the meantime, when Lorca kidnaps one of the young girls from Fosters group (Celeste Yarnell), they find themselves trying to organise a rescue party with the help of the locals, to storm his underground laboratory and free her. Resulting in an interesting end battle, as Foster's group get involved in mass shoot out with Lorca's henchmen whilst the monster head manages to find a way of moving its decapitated body, which subsequently engages Lorca in a punch up!

A worthy follow up to "Mad Doctor of Blood Island", with more goofy special effects. The scenes of the dismembered monster head sat in a tray of green goo were laughably bad, particularly when it proceeds to converse with the mad doctor near the end.

If you enjoyed the previous movie, you should equally enjoy this..

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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