Alternate titles : Brides of Blood Island, Brides of Death, Brides of the Beast, Danger on Tiki Island, Grave Desires, Bride of the Monster, Monster Island, Orgy of Blood, Terror on Blood Island, Terror on the island of love, The Island of Living Horror.

Tagline : "Brutal Orgy of Ghastly Terror!"

Brides of BloodA group of doctors and scientists, lead by Dr Paul Henderson (Kent Taylor) and Jim Farrell (John Ashley) arrive at a remote Philippine community, located on the lovingly named "Blood island", looking at helping the locals improve their lifestyles by establishing schools and teaching them modern farming methods.

The group are invited to stay at the mansion of Esteban Powers (Mario Montenegro), a wealthy Spaniard who has retired to the area. But it soon becomes apparent that there is something very disturbing about Blood Island, and its not just Powers head honcho, who likes to beat up his midget servants.

At night, some of the plants appear to come alive and attack passing locals with their long tentacle-like attachments. Also, there appears to be something else nasty stalking the island, which the natives are very afraid of.

The group think that atomic bomb tests, performed near there by the US military during the 1940s, may have something to do with the strange plant life and the bizarre creature that has been plaguing the islanders. But when they find out the natives have been offering nubile young ladies to the monster, as they think it will leave them alone if they provide it with a fresh supply of blood sacrifices at each full moon, the scientific team attempt to intervene and put an end to the monster's reign of terror.

Filmed back in the late 1960s by noted Philippino exploitation directors Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero, this is your typical drive-in movie fair. Though fairly tame by today's standards, boasts quite a bit of blood and nudity that would have been considered shocking for its day. Though the film looks very dated now.

The movie is however quite good fun, in an old, cheesy B-movie sort of way. There's Dr Henderson's wife (played by Beverly Powers), who seems to want to jump into bed with anything wearing trousers, there's Powers midget servants, who his right-hand-man seems to like beating up with alarming regularity, then there's the large rubber monster, which is so laughably bad it defies belief, plus there are all the scenes of young naked Philippino ladies being torn limb from limb.

So if any of that sounds appealing, you'd be advised to give this one a whirl!

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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