Alternate titles : La Noche de los Gaviotas, Don't Go Out at Night, Terror Beach, Night of the Blood Cult , Night of the Death Cult, Bloodfeast of the Blind Dead, Blind Dead 4.

Tagline : "Their Pagan God has Given his Command. 7 Nights, 7 Victims, 7 Human Hearts."

Night of the Sea GullsFourth and final entry in Amando DeOssorio's Blind Dead series, has our knights in rotting armour galloping about on their zombie horses once more, this time terrorising a small coastal town in rural Spain.

The newly arrived Doctor, Henry Stein (Victor Petit) and his wife Joan have come to set up their practice at the town, only to find the locals are none too receptive to their presence and, in some cases, damn near hostile. They are also disturbed by the previous Doctor's warning to not poke about into the local customs, and to never leave the house at night.

Initially, they try not to think too much about these events, but after befriending the town loony Teddy (why is there ALWAYS a town loony in these films?), they learn that the town is actually in the middle of a 7 year ritual, in which the Blind Dead Templar Knights rise from their graves to claim a sacrifice for the sea deity they worship, and to drink their blood to sustain their damned existence. When this happens, the townsfolk have to provide a sacrifice each night for seven days, in order that their village be spared, and the newly arrived doctor has blundered right into the middle this.

When the villagers come take their young house keeper, Lucy, Doctor Stein tries to intervene. But unfortunately, this leads to a confrontation with the Blind Dead, resulting in series of running battles as the Doctor, his wife, Teddy and Susan try to escape from the galloping ghouls.

This is, by far, a much better entry into the series than the previous film, and fans of the first two movies shouldn't be disappointed. The slow motion chase on horseback across the shoreline is wonderfully creepy, as is the old castle that the Templars occupy. My only minor gripe about this feature would be the use of stock footage from the first film showing the Templars rising from the graves, but apart from that this is a very worthy final outing for our visually challenged foes.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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