Alternate titles : Alien 2

Tagline : "This Time it's War"

AliensSome 7 years after the original, and they FINALLY got round to making a sequel. Directed by James Cameron (The Terminator), the story picks up some 57 years after the original, showing Flight Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver reprising her earlier role) being picked up by a deep space salvage team, after her life raft drifted off course.

Awakened from hypersleep, she finds to her horror that during the intervening years, the planet with the alien spacecraft on has since been colonised by terraformers. Of course, her warnings about the planet going unheeded, until one day when contact with the colony is (predictably) lost.

A team of space marines are called in to investigate, and Ripley is persuaded to go along with them. Finding the colony apparently deserted, apart from one 9 year old girl called Rebecca 'Newt' Jordan, who's been hiding in the ventilation ducts, things soon start go horribly wrong, as the aliens show themselves and all hell breaks loose.

Spectacular battle scenes follow, as the aliens and the marines clash. One particularly memorable moment being where one of the marines blasts an alien at point blank range, gets showered with acid blood, and melts right before the camera. Great stuff !

Completely different in style, and arguably better, than the previous film, being more action orientated than horror. Aliens often gets, rather unfairly, lumped in with those clichéd 80's action movies. However, viewed as a horror film I found it refreshing to see the heroes actually putting up a decent fight, instead of just getting jumped from behind down a dark corridor (or somewhere).

There's also a great scene where Ripley clashes with the Alien Queen using a giant power loader, and fans of Miss Weaver will be happy to see there are plenty of scenes of her running around in her underwear, as there was in the first film (Hooray!).

Should appeal to fans of the original, along with Sci-Fi and Horror fans alike.

Overall Marks : 9/10.

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