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Underworld : EvolutionAaaaah, could there be anything more fantastic than watching Kate Beckinsale strutting round in skin-tight leather and PVC for 90mins and shooting things? If there is I have yet to see it!

Set straight after the events of the first film, Selene and Michael (Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman reprising their earlier roles) are on the run, trying to stay out of the way of both the vampires and lycan's. Not an easy task as Michael is also being hunted by the police, following his disappearance in part 1.

Selene hopes to be able to reawaken Marcus, the last member of the vampire council, who she hopes will help them once they plead their case. However, they soon discover that Marcus (Tony Curran) is already awake and has formed his own opinions about her conduct. But it seems there is something more important that he wants from her, which has something to do with his werewolf brother William (Brian Steele) who has been incarcerated in a secret tomb for many years.

With Marcus hot on their trail and Michael still developing his lycan and vampire powers, the scene is set for a series of running battles between them, as they attempt to stop Marcus from learning of his brother's whereabouts. But why does Marcus want to know about his brother's tomb after all these years, and who are mysterious soldiers that appear to be helping and covering up after them?

Whilst not quite as good as the first film, overall this is a pretty damn good sequel. Even if only for seeing Kate Beckinsale in action. The only thing is that you need to really have seen the previous movie to understand what's going on.

I only had a few minor quibbles with the plot, namely the fact that in the first film it wasn't really apparent where it was set as everything was in English, whereas everything in this looked Russian, which sort of shatters the illusion (compare the American style cops in the first film to Russian looking police in this to see what I mean). Also,  whenever confronted by vampires they only had silver bullets, and when confronted by werewolves they only had UV rounds, didn't anyone think to bring both?

But these minor points aside, this is a great follow up. If you liked the first you should definitely get a buzz out of this. Just a pity you didn't see more of Selene during the love scene (damn the director's tasteful photography).

Overall marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The girl in the flashback sequences playing the young Selene was actually Kate Beckinsale's daughter Lily Mo.

  • The films budget was $50,000,000

  • When they were filming the scene where Michael and Selene are looking longingly at each other, director Len Wiseman started playing the Bryan Adams song "Everything I Do, I Do it For You", which caused the entire crew to burst out laughing.

  • The Tavern in which Michael is confronted by the police was actually a building on a Cabbage farm in Vancouver Canada.

  • The sign "Vigyazat"!, which appears in several places throughout the film, is Hungarian for "Caution".

  • Only film in the series not to be scored by Paul Haslinger. Len Wiseman decided to go with Marco Beltrami for this film after hearing his score on "I Robot".

  • For the battle scene in the opening prologue, the actors just fought with poles and the axe heads were added in digitally afterwards, so they didn't have to worry about really beheading anybody.

  • Tony Curran, who plays Marcus, also played vampire Priest in "Blade 2". He was also the Invisible Man in "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (though I don't remember seeing him).

  • The scene where Kraven opens Marcus's tomb was actually filmed against a green-screen, and the background digitally added in using scenes from the first film.

  • The ship used by Alexander Corvinus was the same ship used in "The Abyss" and "Virus".

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