Underworld title

Tag line : An immortal battle for supremacy.

UnderworldIt's vampires versus werewolves in this gothic horror tale of mythical beings engaged in an ancient conflict. British actress Kate Beckinsale stars as Selene, a vampire soldier (rather fetchingly decked out in figure hugging leatherwear) who's sole function is to hunt down and kill Lycans (that's werewolves).

Unseen by mankind, the conflict between the two species has been raging for centuries. Both sides having developed high tech weapons to battle the other with. For many years the Lycan's have appeared to be in submission, but when Selene uncovers a Lycan plot involving the human descendant of one of the Vampire council, Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), she realises the werewolf race are a lot stronger than they thought.

Believing some of her fellow Vampires are collaborating with the Lycan's she awakes the head of the high council, Viktor (played by British actor Bill Nighy, in a departure from his usual comedy roles). But in attempting to find out what the Lycan's want with this particular human, she unwittingly discovers who it was actually started the war between the 2 species and who the aggressors really are.

Whilst the fight scenes and special effects are visually impressive, where the film falls flat was the decision to make this primarily as an action film, rather than a horror movie, which in many ways it was a little too reminiscent of "The Matrix". However it was good to see proper prosthetic special effects make up being used in this rather then just CGI, which is far too common these days.

Definitely worth watching, even if only to see Kate Beckinsale strutting around in extremely tight leathers.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag line "When the battle begins, which side will you choose?".

  • The films budget was $23million

  • The movie was initially pitched as "Romeo and Juliet for vampires and werewolves".

  • The movie was filmed in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Bill Nighy, who plays the chief vampire Viktor, is better known for his comedy roles. Having appeared in the British comedies "Still Crazy" and "Love Actually" as well as playing Shaun's step dad in the horror spoof "Shaun of the Dead".

  • The sound of the wolf howling in the railway tunnel near the start of the movie was taken directly from "American Werewolf in London".

  • The name Selene was taken from the word for "moon" in Greek mythology.

  • The film was co-written by actor Kevin Grevioux, who played "Raze". Apparently he deliberately wrote the character of Raze with himself in mind to play it.

  • The producers and distributors were actually sued prior to the release of the film by White Wolf games, who claimed that the films premise was too similar to the stories of their Role Playing games. Author Nancy Collins, who publishes novels based on the White Wolf games, also sued claiming the film was directly ripped off her story "The Love of Monsters".

  • The silver-nitrate used in the vampires bullets to kill the werewolves appears silver in the film, however in reality silver-nitrate is clear.

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