Tag line : Your luck just ran out...

Leprechaun Set in California, "Leprechaun" stars pint sized actor Warwick Davis (AKA Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars) as the films titular villain, who is not best pleased when some cunning American businessman steals his pot of gold whilst on a trip to Ireland. Following him back to the states, the Leprechaun's attempts to retrieve it end in failure, as the man, who knows a thing or two about Irish folklore, seals him inside a wooden crate in his basement and places a lucky 4-leaf clover on the top, so he can't get out.

Some 10 years later and the house has been bought by JD Redding (John Sanderford), who's just moved in with his teenage daughter Torie (played by a young Jennifer Aniston in a pre-"Friends" role). Unfortunately, one of the contractors who's helping to renovate the property, comes across the crate in the basement and knocks the 4-leaf clover off the top, allowing the evil Leprechaun to escape.

Of course, no one believes his story about a Leprechaun on the loose. But when they discover his pot of gold stashed nearby, which the previous owner obviously didn't get chance to enjoy, they soon change their mind as the tiny terror promptly shows up and mayhem quickly ensues, as he will stop at nothing to get his gold back.

Released back in 1993, it took me a while to get round to viewing this as I'd heard mixed reviews. However, after finally succumbing to temptation, I found that I actually quite enjoyed it. Whilst the film boasts one or two gory scenes, it's actually more of a campy comedy (well what did you expect from a film about a Leprechaun?) and viewed as such, proves to be quite entertaining.

Warwick Davis is aptly cast as the maniacal midget, who serves up mayhem and mischief with lashings of foul language, and fans of the (lame) US comedy "Friends" will probably want to check this out, just to see a very young Jennifer Aniston in her first movie role.

Overall marks : 5.5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Terror, two feet tall", "Her luck just ran out", "At the end of the rainbow waits a pot of gold".

  • First film to be released by Trimark Pictures

  • The film's budget was $900,000.

  • Ken Olandt, who plays Nathan, also played Rob in "April Fools Day".

  • Directorial debut of scriptwriter Mark Jones, who also did the story.

  • The film was released to American cinemas on January the 1st, 1993. Making this the first movie release of that year.

  • Mark Holton, who plays Ozzie, also played John Wayne Gacy in the 2003 docu-drama "Gacy"

  • Deputy Trippet was named after the executive producer David Trippet.

  • The movie was apparently originally intended to be a scary kids film, but the studios thought it would work better if it was aimed at adults, so they shot a few extra gory scenes to put into it.

  • The film sold more than 10,000 copies on video in the US.

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