28 Days Later title

Tag line : The days are numbered

28 Days LaterA man wakes up in a London city Hospital to find the place completely deserted. Having spent the last 28 days in a coma following a road crash, he is completely oblivious to the events that have taken place whilst he has slept.

Wondering outside, he is alarmed to find the once busy city is now a desolate ghost town. No sign of life, no cars, no power, nothing. What the hell has happened to everyone? However, as he is soon to find out, he is not completely alone.

It turns out that the population has been decimated by an experimental biological warfare virus called "Rage". Those the virus hasn't killed have been turned into homicidal zombies, who attack anything that moves, as he shortly discovers.

Rescued by a small group of survivors who are holed up in an abandoned tube station, they attempt to get out of the city and make their way up to Manchester where an Army unit are broadcasting messages to any would-be survivors. But getting out of London proves to be no easy task (hell, isn't that always the case?), and when they finally do manage to break out, they find their nightmare is far from over as Major West's army camp proves to be anything but the safe haven they were looking for.

Directed by Danny Boyle, the man who gave the world "Trainspotting", this is an excellent post-apocalyptic thriller that just goes to prove you don't need a big budget to make a good film. Whilst films of this nature aren't exactly new, one remembers "The Omega Man", "12 Monkeys" and the old UK TV show "Survivors" this still manages to be both stylish and thrilling in its own right, and zombie film fans may notice one or two similarities to some of their favourite favourite classic pics.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The film was shot almost entirely using digital video cameras. The only part shot on proper 35mm film stock was the end scene in the cottage.

  • The scenes of a deserted London were filmed during the early hours of the morning when the area's where relatively free from people and traffic. In order to make sure nobody inadvertently wondered onto the set they had the co-operation of the council and police to close off small areas of the city, but only for short periods of time. As they were using digital cameras, this allowed quick set up and shoot times.

  • Christopher Ecclestone and the other actors playing the soldiers were sent on a 3 day training course with the army in order to learn their parts properly.

  • The deserted stretches of the M1 motorway were achieved by having the police close off one section for just long enough to get a couple of minutes footage shot.

  • The empty hospital was in fact a day care centre. Filming was done at weekends as the building is only open weekdays.

  • The tower block where Jim and Selena hook up with Hannah and her father was actually a condemned building, which has since been demolished.

  • An alternate ending, in which Jim undergoes a blood transfusion and sacrifices himself to save Hannah's father, was scripted but not filmed as it proved unworkable with the rest of the storyline.

  • Additional scenes of the infected attacking the house again and breaking in whilst Jim is rescuing the girls, were shot, but not used.

  • Another alternate ending in which Jim dies was also filmed, but ultimately not used. Both of these appear on the DVD as extras.

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