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Tagline : "Part Alien, Part Predator, All Terror!"

Xtro 2 : Watch the SkiesSci-fi horrors were proving rather popular in the late 80's, what with "Aliens" and "Predator" having done rather well at the box office and enjoying further success on home video. So it was with this in mind that director Harry Bromley Davenport decided to follow up his earlier sci-fi film Xtro with another "Alien" style knock off.

Owing nothing to the previous movie, the film takes place deep in an underground government bunker where a group of scientists are working on a project called 'Nexus' that is supposed to allow people to transport to other dimensions. Unfortunately the project goes predictably awry and their test subject brings back a rather nasty alien creature with her, which reveals itself by bursting fully grown out of her stomach (well, how else?).

And so the film quickly descends into a rip-off of "Alien", "Aliens" and numerous other sci-fi and horror films, as the trapped survivors find themselves being chased around the complex by the creature which leaps out of them from the shadows, whilst TV actor Jan Michael Vincent heads up a group of motley soldier like types to try and eliminate the creature before their computer triggers the base's auto-destruct.

Somewhat predictable, derivative and formulaic, "Xtro 2" is your typical straight-to-video affair and unlike the films it tries to imitate, actually looks like a guy in a rubber suit. This is the sort of film you'd expect to see late at night on the Sci-Fi channel or something, but it is a rather fun "trashy" horror pic and is actually a guilty pleasure of mine, as are all the Xtro films. Fans of low budget horrors will undoubtedly enjoy it on a pure entertainment level .

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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