Alternate titles : Witchery, Evil Encounters, Ghosthouse 2, La Casa 4, Ghosthouse 5, Hexenbrut.

Tagline : "A nightmare possession, horrific satanic rites and a gruesome sacrifice."

WitchcraftAn estate agent, accompanied by his heavily pregnant daughter-in-law (played by Linda Blair) bring a couple of wealthy property developers to a remote island, off the coast of Massachusetts, to view an old hotel which they are thinking of turning into a resort.

Once there, they discover photographer David Hasselhoff and his girlfriend squatting at the old property, who've been doing a spot of paranormal investigating, as the locals believe the place is cursed/haunted by the ghost of a former actress, who used to live there.

Predictably, something happens to their boat, stranding them on the island. Then people start going missing, after getting sucked into some sort of portal to hell (which appears to be the same Vortex effect used at the start of the Tom Baker era Dr Who), whose bodies later turn up horribly mutilated, as the group desperately try and figure a way off the island.

Not a terrible film, but the plot was a bit of a muddle, as it's not sure if it's trying to be a supernatural thriller or a slasher film. It's obviously ripping off "The Woman in Black", as the female ghost that keeps popping up, right before someone is about to get killed, is dressed in black. But there's also bits that appear to be ripping off Rosemary's Baby (1968), as there's some devil worshipping group who are interested in the unborn baby of Linda Blair's character.

Also known as"Witchery", presumably to avoid confusion with another film called Witchcraft (AKA Bruxaria) released in the same year. This was intended as a follow up of sorts to Umberto Lenzi's "Ghosthouse" (1988) and was released as Evil Dead 4 (La Casa 4) in Italy, though bears no actual relation to either of those and is basically just another typical dull, late 80s Italian horror.

Not overly gory but worth a watch if you're morbidly curious or want to see Linda Blair getting possessed again, whilst the mighty Hoff hams it up as the hero.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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