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Tagline : "Evil has been summoned...again."

Wishmaster 2 : Evil Never DiesA group of art theives are raiding the art gallery where the statue from the first film, in which the Djinn is imprisoned, is currently on display. Getting into a shoot out with the security guards, the statue gets smashed, releasing the evil Djinn within (played once more by Andrew Divoff).

The police arrive shortly after, where they find the Djinn in human form. Believing him to be one of the thieves he is arrested and jailed, where he goes on to wreak all manner of havok inside the prison granting the inmates wishes (the convict wishing his lawyer would "go fuck himself" being particularly memorable). This time he needs to collect 1001 souls from people by granting their wishes, so he can unleash his fellow Djinn into the real world.

Meanwhile one of the art thieves, a young woman named Morgana (Holly Fields), finds out what she has released from the statue, and aided by a young priest named Gregory (Paul Johanson) attempts to stop the Djinn from unleashing the apocalypse. Unfortunately though, the Djinn escapes from prison aided by a Russian mobster named Tarrion (Bokeem Woodbine), and he is only too willing to help the Djinn in completing his tasks in exchange for furthering his position in the Russian mafia.

Whilst Andrew Divoff makes a welcome return playing the evil genie, the film is unfortunately a very poor follow up to the first. No guest appearances from prominent horror stars, poor special effects and no explanation why he looks like Andrew Divoff this time?

To be fair, the film is watchable, but pails in comparison to the first.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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