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Tagline : "Flesh to touch, flesh to burn. Don't keep the wicker man waiting."

The Wicker ManThis infamous cult classic stars Edward Woodward as devoutly Christian police officer Sergeant Neil Howie, who heads over to the remote Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate an anonymous tip about a missing schoolgirl named Rowan Morrison.

Unfortunately the locals seem less than interested in helping, and he quickly realises things aren't quite what they seem. At first the townsfolk deny any knowledge of the girl in question, even the mother denies having a young daughter of that name. But after discovering she was actually enrolled at the local school, everyone switches their story and says that she died some time ago in a fire.

Not convinced, Howie starts poking around to see what the locals are up to and is shocked to discover the people there are all involved in bizarre pagan worshipping practices, which seem to stem from the islands owner, Lord Summerisle (played with unholy relish by Christopher Lee).

Dismayed by the lawlessness and immorality that he sees around him, infidelity, public orgies and brawling in bars, he decides to investigate further to see if there are any pagan traditions that may explain where the missing girl might be. Could Rowan still be alive, and just what is Lord Summerisle really up to with the May Day celebrations? Most importantly, can Howie uncover what the ancient pagan ritual with the giant wicker man is meant to be before it is too late?

Arguanly Britain's greatest horror film, this also features appearances by Ingridd Pitt and Britt Eckland (checkout the rather interesting dance she does in the film). But don't go thinking this will be like those old Hammer horror films, this interesting chiller is something entirely different.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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