Alternate titles : Aaah Zombies

Tagline : "Zombies are People Too!!!"

Wasting AwayA group of youths (which includes a pre-"Vampire Diaries" Mathew Davis), working behind the fast food counter at the local bowling alley, become infected with an experimental military germ warfare virus, after eating a batch of contaminated ice cream.

Feeling unwell, but not realising that they’re now part of the living dead, they shuffle off and try to find help. Only to find that everyone they meet either runs off or is exceptionally hostile towards them.

Having discovered the truth about their affliction, they’re aided by a zombie soldier named Nick Steel (Colby French), who seems to think there may be an anti-dote back at the military labs. However, with the infection spreading to other people in the city and the police and armed forces gunning down anything that even mildly resembles a zombie, the group and their ever increasing number of new undead friends realise they have to find a way out of town before the army finds them.

Something of a comedy horror, this film is quite unlike others of its ilk, in that it tells the story from the zombies perspective. As to each other, they appear normal, but there seems to be something wrong with everyone else.

Full of gory slapstick humour, the film is well paced, action packed and pretty damn funny. It obviously owes more than a passing nod to some of Peter Jackson’s earlier works, not to mention various George Romero films. Although the switching between colour and black & white can be a little distracting at times as it switches perspective between humans and zombies.

If you enjoyed the "Return of the Living Dead" films you should definitely enjoy this. There’s some great gags, some hilarious fight sequences and of course plenty of gore.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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