Alternate titles : Vampire Stripper

Tagline : "She'll love you to death"

VampA group of college kids head into town looking for a stripper they can hire for a fraternity party on campus later that night. Being new to the area and not too certain of where to procure such a person, they end up at a strip bar called "After Dark".

Whilst checking out the 'talent' on stage, one of the lads, AJ (Robert Rusler) becomes enchanted by an erotic dancer named Katrina (Grace Jones), so talks his way backstage to see if he can get her to perform at their party. But when he fails to return, his best friend Keith goes to look for him with the help of one the bar girls, Ameretto (Deedee Pfeiffer), who happens to study at the same college.

This is where the problems start when they discover the clubs deadly secret, the place is actually a vampire coven, which has been leaching off inebriated patrons for quite some time. Trapped inside the club, they find themselves counting down their fate as they are told once the place has closed for the night, they will be similarly dealt with. Unless of course they can remember enough about vampire killing from those old horror films to enable them to deal with their captors.

An interesting idea for a vampire film, which actually pre-dates "From Dusk till Dawn" by some ten years. This actually plays more like an 80's teen comedy than a horror picture. Grace Jones fans should note though that despite receiving top billing, her appearance was little more than a co-starring role, only featuring in a handful of scenes (some may say that's a good thing).

Though looking a little dated by today's standards, 80's vampire film fans should love it. If you enjoyed "Fright Night" you'll undoubtedly like this too.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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