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Tagline : "A New Race, A New Battle, A New Hero... "

Underworld : EvolutionAaaaah, could there be anything more fantastic than watching Kate Beckinsale strutting round in skin-tight leather and PVC for 90mins and shooting things? If there is I have yet to see it!

Set straight after the events of the first film, Selene and Michael (Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman reprising earlier roles) are on the run, trying to stay out of the way of both the vampires and lycan's. Not an easy task as Michael is also being hunted by the police, following his disappearance in part 1.

To make matters worse, they find they're also being hunted by the newly awakened vampire eldar Marcus (Tony Curran) who is after Selene for some nefarious reason. So, the scene is set for a series of running battles, as they attempt to stay one step ahead of him and the other folk who are after them.

Whilst not quite as good as the first film, overall this is a pretty damn good sequel. Even if only for seeing Kate Beckinsale in action. The only thing is that you need to really have seen the previous movie to understand what's going on.

I did have a few very minor quibbles with the plot, namely the fact that in the first film it wasn't really apparent where it was set as everything was in English, whereas everything in this looked Russian, which sort of shatters the illusion. Also, whenever confronted by vampires they only had silver bullets, and when confronted by werewolves they only had UV rounds, didn't anyone think to bring both?

But these minor points aside, this is a great follow up. If you liked the first you should definitely get a buzz out of this. Just a pity you didn't see more of Selene during the love scene (damn the director's tasteful photography).

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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