Alternate titles : Death at 33rpm, Ragman, Deadly Frequency.

Tagline : "The Ultimate Comeback."

Trick or TreatDuring the mid-80's, heavy rock music was causing moral uproar amongst conservative Christian groups in America. Appalled by the apparent lewd lyrics of their songs and decadent behaviour in the music videos, campaign groups such as the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Centre) were formed to try and combat the ills of this 'immoral corruption' and Hollywood were quick to respond with this tale of the "ultimate rocker from hell".

High school student Eddie Weinbuer (played by US TV actor Marc Price) is a downtrodden teenager, who's constantly picked on for his looks and his taste in Heavy Metal music by the school bully, Tim Hainey (Doug Savant, in an early screen role). However, his love of Heavy Metal is about the only thing that keeps him going against the constant barage of verbal of physical abuse he's subjected to on a daily basis.

Things change in Eddie's favour though, when he gets hold of the only copy of the last album recorded by his idol Sammi Curr (Tony Fields), a decadent hard rock singer who used to attend the same high school. When he plays the album, it appears to contain messages telling him how to get even with the other kids at school. But it seems there is something else more sinister hidden in the lyrics of the album.

They say rock and roll will never die, well it appears that the late Sammi Curr is planning the ultimate comeback on Halloween night and has a fiendish "trick-or-treat" in store for the kids at Eddie's high school, one that will quite literally blow them away!

A thoroughly entertaining movie that should appeal to cult horror movie fans and lovers of rock music alike, particularly those old enough to remember the 80's hair-metal era. KISS bass-player Gene Simmons makes an appearance as a radio DJ, whilst the Prince of Darkness himself Ozzy Osbourne, turns up in a brief role as a TV evangelist, and features music by 80's rockers Fastway

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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