Alternate titles : Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 : The Next Generation, The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Tagline : "If looks could kill, he wouldn't need a chainsaw."

Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Next GenerationFor this Fourth installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, teenage schoolgirl Jenny (played by a then unknown Renee Zellweger) and 3 of her school chums are on their way back from the school prom, when they have an accident with another motorist on a deserted backroad.

Going off in search of help, they come across an old farmhouse which happens to be inhabited by Leatherface (Robert Jacks) and some more of his psychopathic relatives. One of which being a then unknown Mathew MacConoughey, who plays the part of Vilmer, the garage mechanic.

The rest of the film is made up of scene's rehashed from Parts 1,2 and 3 as people are hung on meathooks, tied up and terrorised, bashed with sledgehammers and thrown in freezers. The film was apparently supposed to be a black comedy, like Part 2, but fails miserably. There is no real plot, the antics of the psychotic family are totally unfathomable and to confuse matters further, it turns out that they are in the employ of some chap called Rothman, who's part of some secret society, or something, who hires them to terrorise people (WHY???).

The reason for this is never really explained, or what relevance it is to the plot. There's actually very little blood or gore to speak of, plus Leatherface, rather bizarrely, spends half the film dressed in drag and does nothing but scream and squawk through virtually the whole film. As it is, the film is barely watchable due to the amount of unnecessary shrieking done by the entire cast.

Written and Directed by Kim Henkel, who also produced the first film, this is a real stinker, that I would strongly suggest giving a miss.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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