Alternate titles : Island of the Dead.

Tagline : " Death isn't what it used to be."

Survival of the DeadThis sort-of sequel to "Diary of the Dead", follows the exploits of the deserting National Guard soldiers, seen briefly in that film (complete with Alan Van Sprang reprising his role as the sergeant), as they travel the roads looking for a place of safety away from the zombie outbreak.

Along the way, they pickup a young lad who claims to have heard about a safe haven on the farming community of Plum island from a video posted on the internet, which is located just off the coast of Delaware.

Unfortunately, when the group arrives, they stumble right into the middle bitter feud between 2 rival Irish families (they actually have Irish colonies there???). On one side, the O'Flynn's, who believe the undead must be destroyed, and on the other, the Muldoon's, who think the dead should be domesticated and put to work (in a sort-of nod to Dr Logan's antics in the original "Day of the Dead") and it seems they don't take too kindly to outsiders coming ashore, leading to a myriad of problems for our main protagonists.

As with Romero's other films from recent years, the zombies are really just part of the sub-plot in this, with the main focus being on the human characters and how they deal with the situations they find themselves in. The film does have some good actions sequences and there are some funny scenes, though I did find the somewhat cartoonish CGI gore a bit of a let down and, to be honest, there were too many Irish people in this film for my liking (OK, bad joke, sorry).

It is however a much better movie than Diary of the Dead, although that's not really saying much. It wisely ditches the first person camera style of its predecessor, being shot as a straight film, and whilst lacking the epic feel of his original films, zombie film fans should still enjoy this. But is still something of a let down when compared to his earlier films.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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