Alternate titles : Scream If You Know What I Did Last Halloween.

Tagline : "No Mercy, No Shame, No Sequel."

Movie TitleUrrrgghh, what can be said about this dreadful film, that's not already been said a hundred times before? Like so many others, who were duped into watching this at the pictures, I saw the trailer showing Carmen Electra being chased round in her underwear, together with the scenes parodying Scream and various other horror films, and fell for the marketing ploy of this supposedly being a witty horror spoof.

If only I knew then what I know now, as I was soon to discover that the only amusing scenes were crammed into that one single trailer. With the rest of the film being nothing more than a virtual scene-by-scene rehash of Scream, with a few scenes from other films of this ilk thrown in. What little humour they injected into the plot amounted to nothing more than a lot of exceptionally course language and never ending jokes about private parts.

The rather unattractive Anna Farris plays the lead character Cindy Campbell (which for all those who haven't figured it out yet, is a parody of Neve Campbell's character Sidney Prescott from Scream) and if you've seen that, which many of you will undoubtedly have, you'll know the basic plot so I'll save you the bother of having to read it again here. All you really need to know is that following the intro scene where Carmen Electra gets killed by the guy in a 'Ghostface' mask, the film goes rapidly downhill from there.

The jokes aren't funny, the gags are beyong purile, the parodies of scenes from other films are delivered in such a lame manner that any comic impact is immediately lost, and to be quite honest, if it wasn't for the amount of swearing (virtually every other word), and the colossal amount of penile jokes (virtually every other scene) the film could have easily passed as a kids movie with a U certificate.

As one reviewer put it "The half-dozen screenwriters credited for this pathetic spoof couldn't come up with a single workable gag between them. The ramshackle collection of misfired punchlines and mistimed pratfalls makes every scene look like an out-take". I couldn't have put it better myself! If you haven't seen this film yet, I would advise you not to bother and save wasting 90 minutes of your life.

A rehash of the Scream script with a lot of nob jokes thrown in does NOT a comedy make. Nuff said!!!

Overall Marks : 2/10.

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