Alternate titles : Paratrooper, Curse of the Scarecrows, Restricted Area..

Tagline : "When it comes to terror, they're in a field of their own!"

Movie TitleA group of Commandos rip off the payroll from a military base and are making off with their loot, with a couple of hostages in tow, in a stolen aeroplane. When one of them decides to double cross the others and parachutes out of the plane with it mid-flight.

His partners in crime, not wanting to let $3million slip through their fingers, subsequently land the plane in a nearby field and go after him. But, despite knowing he's close by, are surprised when neither he or the money can be found anywhere. In fact the only thing they do find are a bunch of creepy looking scarecrows.

Setting up a base camp in a disused farmhouse, the remaining robbers decide to hold out till morning with their hostages. But unfortunately, someone has other plans for them, and its not their double crossing former partner.

Yes, it seems the creepy looking scarecrows are in fact alive and out for blood, as they proceed to start hacking their way through the group in graphic detail using rusty farm implements, and as the robbers are soon to discover, being heavily armed is no defence against men made of straw.

Whilst the film is a bit slow to begin with, once it gets going I found this to be a fairly effective, creepy, low budget horror, with some nice gore scenes. If you didn't think that scarecrows looked creepy beforehand, you will after you watch this.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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