Rubber title

Tag line : The best killer tyre movie you'll ever see!

RubberRubber is an everyday tale about a killer tyre, roaming the desert highways looking for fresh victims. But, this is no ordinary killer tyre. This particular one possesses psychic powers that can make its victims explode, and pretty soon there's a string of bodies littered all over the desert.

The local Sheriffs office are quick to respond, but are left grappling with that eternal question "Just how do you stop a killer tyre exactly?" and so find themselves at a loss about what to do, as do the nearby crowd of onlookers who think they've gathered to watch a film being made (what?).

Without doubt, this is one of the most bizarre films I've ever had to review and is obviously not a film that takes itself too seriously. Though I can't help but wonder, just what the director must have been smoking when he wrote this (or just how B-movie actor Wings Hauser came to be involved in this for that matter either).

The film boasts some interesting head explosions and there's some amusing scenes where the bungling cops try laying a trap for the killer tyre whilst its laid up inside a motel. Though whilst I found the film to be sufficiently amusing, many may find the humour a bit too offbeat, however if your in the mood some some general off-the-wall sillyness you'll probably enjoy this.

At the end of the day, its a story about a killer tyre with psycho-kinetic abilities. Just what sort of a film do you expect?

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Are you tyred of the expected?", "Be careful where you tread".

  • The film's budget was $500,000.

  • Director Quentin Dupiex is probably best known as French techno musician Mr Oizo (Remember that guy who did the "flat beat" song from the Levi's commercial back in the early 90s with the yellow puppet? That was him)

  • James Parks, who plays one of the police officers, also played a police officer in "Dusk till Dawn 2". He has also appeared in "Crocodile 2" and "Grindhouse - Death Proof".

  • Though its not mentioned in the film, the tyre was called Robert.

  • Stephen Spinella, who plays Lt Chad, is probably best known for his role as Dr Heller from the US TV series "Desperate Housewives". His only genre credit to date appears to be a minor role in the 1999 film "Ravenous".

  • Wings Hauser also starred in the cult 80s horror "Mutant".

  • Daniel Quinn, who plays the father in the group of onlookers, also starred in another film featuring exploding heads, having played the lead in both "Scanner Cop" movies in the 1990s

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