Alternate titles : Joy Ride.

Tagline : "Never screw with people you don't know."

Movie TitleTwo brothers, Lewis and Fuller Thomas (Paul Walker & Steve Zahn) are on a road trip to pick up their friend Venna (Leelee Sobieski) when they decide to have a bit of fun on their CB radio. They begin taunting a trucker named Rusty Nail (voiced by Ted Levine), who doesn't take too kindly to being wound up by the pair.

They both think this hilariously funny, and go onto to pickup their friend Venna without giving their antics a second thought. But unfortunately, their bit of fun seriously backfires when they discover who it is following them in the rear view mirror... (didn't these people ever see "Duel"?, they should know better than to annoy lorry drivers).

It turns out that this particular truck driver wasn't too impressed with their sense of humour, and what's started as a bit of fun quickly becomes a running battle for survival as they realise the pursuing maniac is now after more than just a simple apology.

Whilst the film is obviously geared towards the teen horror market, and was more than a little reminiscent of "Duel" (with elements of "Die Hard 3" and "Cape Fear" thrown in) in places, I found this to be a highly enjoyable feature. The disembodied voice of the truck driver coming in on the CB proved exceptionally creepy on its own, and the scenes where he forced the 2 brothers to humiliate themselves at the truckstop diner had me in hysterics.

This may not prove to be one of the more memorable horror films of recent years, but it is definitely one of the better ones.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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