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Tagline : "Say You Love Satan!"

Ricky 6Ricky Cowan (Vincent Kartheiser), is a troubled teenager from Long Island, New York. With problems at home, very few friends, not fitting in at school, as well as being frequently picked on by everyone, he turns to drugs to deal with his problems.

Despite his folks forcing him to attend a youth centre for troubled kids, instead of straightening him out, all that happens is he falls in with a group of similarly disenfranchised youths, who spend most of their time doing drugs and indulging in occult practises.

But when he decides to drop out of school and take up dealing drugs in order to make ends meet, his life really begins spiralling out of control, as he descends into drug and alcohol addiction, which culminates in the death and murder of one of his friends.

Told through the eyes of his friend Tommy (Chad Christ), the film is loosely based on the real-life case of Ricky Kasso, who murdered one of his friends over a drug debt, and marked the directorial debut of screenwriter Peter Filardi, who takes a somewhat sympathetic look at the various traps disaffected kids can all too easily fall into. Much more so than the Jim Van Bebber short film "My Sweet Satan", which was based on the same incident.

Perhaps not a horror film in the true sense of the word this is, never the less, a disturbing and gritty look into one of America's most notorious real life murder cases. Unfortunately, you may have trouble tracking this film down as, despite being filmed back in 2000, it has still yet to receive a legitimate release anywhere, either theatrically or on Disc.

However, screener copies of the film can be found around the internet and on various video sharing sites, so if you fancy seeing this, a cursory Google search should yield positive results..

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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