Resident Evil 3 : Extinction title

Tag line : All Bets are Off.

Resident Evil 3 : ExtinctionWhilst I've not really been a major fan of the Resident Evil films, I have found them at least half-decent and watchable, and after being relatively impressed with pt2, I was interested in seeing how this third entry faired.

Set some time after the previous movie, the T-Virus has spread, despite the destruction of Racoon City, and has decimated the worlds population. What's left of the umbrella corporation are holed up in secret underground facilities working on ways to try and get the dead to stay dead. But with food, medical supplies and ammunition running desperately low and the hoards of undead massing outside, their chief scientist, Dr Isaac's (Iain Glen reprising his role from the previous film), thinks he's found a way of domesticating the dead and thereby preventing them from wanting to attack the living (hang on, why does that sound familiar?).

Meanwhile Alice (Milla Jovovich) and a group of survivors, including LJ (Mike Epps) and Carlos (Oded Fehr) from the last film, have learned to stay alive by taking to the desert highway. But when Dr Isaac's experiments in domestication fail, producing a new super violent breed of zombie, the survivors find themselves forced into a confrontation, when the remnants of the Umbrella corps decide they need to recapture Alice as they think her blood may hold the key to stopping the undead.

Now if you thought the basic plot sounds suspiciously similar to one of George Romero's zombie films you'd be absolutely correct, and the blatant plagiarism is not handled in a subtle way either. Hell there's even a scene where Dr Isaac's gives a "domesticated" zombie a phone and tells it to make a phone call, which was ripped directly from the scene between Dr Logan and Bub the zombie in "Day of the Dead".

If that wasn't enough, Alice and her desert survivors look like refugees from a Mad Max film, complete with armoured tanker. The scene with infected birds looks like it was ripped from a Hitchcock film, then inside the Umbrella corps bunker we find 100's of cloned Alice's, a reference to "Alien 4 : Resurrection",  and the new hybrid zombie bad guy, that Alice has to battle at the end, looks suspiciously similar to the Dr Channard cenobite from "Hellraiser 2".

As you can probably gather from my review I found this to be a somewhat disappointing third entry into the series, and it seems that series writer Paul Anderson was either running out of ideas, or was pushed for time when he penned this, hence the all-to-obvious plundering from other films. Horror actress Ali Larter and singer Ashanti make appearances in the film, and while it was good to see Mike Epps, Oded Feher and Iain Glen reprising their roles, strangely there is no mention of Sienna Guillory's character Jill Valentine.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Experimentation...Evolution...Extinction", "We Have Witnessed The Beginning... We Have Seen The Apocalypse... Now We Face Extinction...", "What Happens in Vegas... Stays In Vegas", "A zombie needs only one thing....The Living"

  • Alice's new costume was designed by Milla Jovovich's clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk

  • The films budget was $45,000,000.

  • Director Russel Mulcahy went on to direct the Scorpion King sequel "Rise of Akkadian".

  • The films working title was "Resident Evil : Afterlife",  which actually became the title of the fourth film.

  • Zatoichi Station, in which the Tokyo Umbrella Corp facility is based, was named after the 2003 Japanese samurai film "Zatoichi".

  • Ali Larter also starred in "Final Destination" and the "House in Haunted Hill" remake.

  • The film was originally going to be shot in the outbacks of Australia, but they decided to change this to Mexico for financial reasons.

  • German DVD distributors "Highlight" have released both a heavily edited version of the film, which was cut to get a "not under 16" rating, plus an uncut extended version which contains 4 mins of deleted scenes that were not in the released theatrical version.

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