Alternate titles : Pure Vamp.

Tagline : "Part seductress, part assassin, all vampire!"

Razor Blade SmileHaving read so many polarised opinions about this cult British vampire movie, I couldn't resist reviewing it after I finally got the chance to see it. With opinions ranging from "One of the finest low-budget productions ever made" to "Do NOT pay to see this film", when the Sci-Fi channel screened it in April 2000 I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

The film revolves around a young female assassin named Lillith Silver (Eileen Daly), who stalks about wearing a very fetching tight leather catsuit, thigh length boots and Fishnet stockings. However, Lillith is far from being just another "La Femme Nikita".

Lillith is actually a vampire, after she was bitten in the 1800s by a Master Vampire named Sethan Blake (Chris Adamson), who took pity on her after she was accidentally shot and fatally wounded during a pistol duel. Rather than letting her die, Sethan decided to turn her into one of his kind so that she may live, and so she now passes the time satisfying her bloodlust by carrying out contract killings for a local mobster.

Her latest assignment has had her targeting members of a powerful secret society known as "The Lost People", whose boss is none other than Sethan Blake himself. After recognising the assassins handiwork, Blake hires one of the corrupt cops from his organisation, inspector Price, to have her brought down. Only to fail miserably and get laughed off the case by the other officers who start referring to him as the new Dr Van-Helsing.

But the game isn't over yet, as Blake kidnaps Lilith's mobster boss. So, grabbing all the weapons from her coffin shaped gun locker, goes on the offensive in a final confrontation with Blake and the remaining members of his group. The film is certainly worth a watch and is quite enjoyable as far as low-budget pictures go, which also includes a guest appearance by horror veteran David Warbeck, in what was to be his final film role. But don't expect to be bowled over by the cast's acting abilities.

Vampire film lovers and B-movie fans will probably love it, but people who only enjoy Hollywood blockbusters would be best sticking to Bram Stoker.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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