Tag Line : He's pure evil. Pure power. Pure Terror.

Rawhead RexGood heavens an IRISH horror film? Whatever next? Based on a script by Clive Barker, this late 80's horror film has the dubious honour of being, undoubtedly, one of the most diabolically cheesy monster movies to have ever emerged in cinematic history since the 1950's.

Set around a small Irish town named Rathmore, the film begins by showing us a local farmer trying to dig up an old concrete pillar from his field. As we are to discover later on in the film, local legend says that it is this giant pillar that seals the tomb of an ancient demon, and as we all know it is NEVER a good idea to ignore local legends in horror films.

A fact that the farmer discovers too late, as with a mighty heave from his trusty tractor he breaks the pillar and unleashes the films titular star onto the Irish countryside, who goes onto terrorise local farmers and townsfolk.

The police are baffled by the recent spate of bloody killings, but an American journalist named Howard Hallenbeck (David Dukes), who has been researching the local legends for his new book, thinks he knows what is going on. Of course, the police think he's bonkers. But following an incident at a caravan park, they are soon convinced otherwise and vigilante mobs with shotguns and pitchforks (and burning torches no doubt) quickly begin searching the surrounding woods with disastrous results. Leading to a hilariously bad final confrontation during the films climax.

This really is a disastrously bad monster movie, and Clive Barker was reportedly less than happy with the filmmakers about the way his script turned out on celluloid. The biggest problem was the monster, which looked so awful and unconvincing that it really made you cringe, combined with some pretty shoddy acting and diabolical special effects. Fans of horror B-movies may find it enjoyable on a trash level, but apart from that there's really nothing else to recommend it. My advise if you want to see a good Clive Barker Monster film, watch "Hellraiser" or "Nightbreed" instead.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Someone has awakened him", "He lives again to feed again"

  • Kelly Piper, who plays Howards wife, also starred in William Lustig's "Maniac".

  • David Dukes is probably best known for his role as Joe McPhee in the US TV show "Dawsons Creek". He unfortunately died of an apparent heart attack in October 2000 part way through filming the Steven King mini-series "Rose Red" in which he was to have played Professor Miller.

  • The movie was actually filmed in and around the Irish town of Leinster, in County Wicklow.

  • Clive Barker was not happy with how the film turned out and his since distanced himself from the production.

  • Hugh O'Connor, who played Howard's young son Robbie, went onto to play the young Christie Brown in the critically acclaimed "My Left Foot". He also played Graham Young in the 1995 film "The Young Poisoners Handbook" as well as starring alongside Jamie Bell in the 2002 film "Deathwatch".

  • Clive Barker scripted this film just prior to adapting "Hellraiser". This was the second motion picture he was attached to before finding fame with the Hellraiser series, the first being "Underworld" (aka Transmutations) which was also directed by George Pavlou.

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