Poltergeist 3 title

Tag Line : He's found her...

Poltergeist 3Well, here we go again! Carol-Anne (played once more by Heather O'Rourke) is now living with her Aunt Patricia (Nancy Allen) and Uncle Bruce (Tom Skerrit) whilst she attends a special school to help her with the psychological trauma she has suffered after the events of the previous films.

Unfortunately, Kane the ghostly old preacher from part 2 (played this time by Nathan Davis) hasn't finished with her yet and so tracks her down to the tower block where she is staying. Yet more predictably weird stuff starts happening, with the buildings swimming pool icing over, the ventilation system freezing and strange objects appearing in mirrors before Kane finally grabs her, along with her cousin Donna (a then unknown Lara Flynn Boyle) and her boyfriend Scott (Kipley Wentz).

Tangina Barrons then shows up (Zelda Rubinstein again) along with Carol-Annes Psychologist Dr. Seaton (Richard Fire) and together they try to battle the weird apparitions that start popping out of mirrors and emerging from strange vortex's.

This is a fairly piss-poor film as far as sequels go. The film does start off looking fairly promising, and there are a few fairly creepy scenes at the beginning whilst they're establishing the characters and plot , but it doesn't take too long for the film to descend into the same old nonsense rehashed from the previous films, where they defeat one ghostly apparition, only to then come up against another one.

In the end they manage to get Carol-Anne and Donna back from the spirit world, after Tangina gets captured and agrees to lead the spirits into the light. But no mention is made of poor old Scott, who appears to get abandoned there with nothing more said about him. If you do insist on seeing this movie, rent it , don't buy!

Overall Marks : 3/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines, "They're back...again", "Guess who's back in town".

  • Director Gary Sherman also directed the seminal zombie pic "Dead & Buried" and may also be remembered for the 1972 film "Death Line", about a cannibalistic retard living in the London underground system and snacking on unwary passengers, which starred Donald Pleasance.

  • The film was originally given a budget of $22million, however shortly after filming began MGM cut it down to $10.5million.

  • Tom Skerritt also played the role of Captain Dallas in the original "Alien".

  • Nancy Allen is probably best known for her role as officer Anne Lewis in the "Robocop" movies. She has also appeared in "The Philadelphia Experiment", "Dressed to Kill" and "Carrie".

  • The scene where Bruce (Tom Skerrit) makes reference to the film "Carrie" to Patricia (Nancy Allen) was something of an in-joke, as Nancy Allen also starred in that film.

  • The version shown on the US TV networks in 1993 had a different scene showing Carol-Anne, Donna and Scott getting pulled into the spirit world. Instead of being dragged into a bottomless puddle, they are pulled into the mirror in Carol-Anne's bedroom.

  • Zelda Rubenstein had to leave the production part way through filming due to the death of her mother.

  • This was Lara Flynn Boyle's first feature film, who has since gone on to become a prominent US TV actress.

  • Heather O'Rourke who played Carol-Anne, died of intestinal stenosis in 1988 just prior to the release of the movie. Apparently she had been suffering from flu-like symptoms during filming, but specialists failed to realise the problem until it was too late. She was buried in the same cemetery as Dominique Dunne, who played her teenage sister in part1, and the film was dedicated to her memory.

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