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Tagline : "He's found her..."

Poltergeist 3Well, here we go again! Carol-Anne (played once more by Heather O'Rourke) is now living with her Aunt Patricia (Nancy Allen) and Uncle Bruce (Tom Skerrit) whilst she attends a special school, to help her with the psychological trauma she has suffered after the events of the previous films.

Unfortunately, Kane the ghostly old preacher from Part 2 (played this time by Nathan Davis) hasn't finished with her yet and so tracks her down to the tower block where she is staying. Yet more predictably weird stuff starts happening, with the buildings swimming pool icing over, the ventilation system freezing and strange objects appearing in mirrors before Kane finally grabs her, along with her cousin Donna (played by a then unknown Lara Flynn Boyle) and her boyfriend Scott (Kipley Wentz).

Tangina Barrons then shows up (Zelda Rubinstein again) along with Carol-Annes Psychologist Dr. Seaton (Richard Fire) and together they try to battle the weird apparitions that start popping out of mirrors and emerging from strange vortex's.

A fairly poor film, as far as sequels go. It does start off looking fairly promising, and there are a few fairly creepy scenes at the beginning, but it doesn't take too long for the film to descend into the same old nonsense rehashed from the previous films, where they defeat one ghostly apparition, only to then come up against another one.

Also, all their efforts seem focussed on getting Carol-Anne and Donna back from the spirit world, but no mention is made of poor old Scott, who seems to get forgotten about with nothing more said about him. If you do decide to see this, rent it, don't buy!

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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