Phantasm 3 title

AKA The Never Dead Part 3

Tag Line : Terrifying, Relentless, Unstoppable..

Phantasm 3 : Lord of the DeadPicking up shortly after where part 2 left off, we see the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm again reprising his role), having sort-of survived, capturing Mike (now played by the original actor A Michael Baldwin) and taking off with him back to his own dimension.

Loading up with his favourite 4-barreled shotgun, Reggie (Reggie Bannister again) sets out to try and track them down. As usual though, help is at hand from an unlikely source. It turns out that Mike's older brother Jody (Bill Thornbury reprising his role from part 1) isn't as dead as we first thought, and his spirit is currently occupying one of the Tall Man's flying spheres.

Guided by the sphere, Reggie finds a couple of allies along the way. A sharp shooting 10 year old named Timmy (Kevin Conners) ,who's parents where victims of the Tall Man, and an ex-army girl named Rocky (Gloria Lynne Henry), and together they do battle with more killer zombie dwarfs, masked grave robbers and killer spheres as they attempt to rescue Mike from the Tall Man's realm, and put an end to his current operation.

Again, another thoroughly enjoyable Phantasm film with plenty of action and dark humour to keep fans of the series happy. I particularly found the 3 looters hilariously funny, who even after being killed continued to chase Reggie and co around in their pink hearse after the Tall Man brought them back as zombies. It was also good to see the entire original cast re-united, even though it was a bit weird seeing A Michael Baldwin playing Mike again (having been played by James LeGross in part 2). Well worth seeing!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate Tag lines "We Tried To Warn You. If You Don't Get It This Time We're Going To Have To Drill It Into Your Head", "The tall man is back for the final kill", "The tall man is back to prove once again 'it's never over'...".

  • The films budget was $2.5million.

  • The scene where the Cadillac hearse hits a rock and sails through the air was not scripted in that way. The car was supposed to go a short distance and then roll over. The director said that he wanted the approach at 17mph, but the stunt driver thought he said 70.

  • As James LeGross was busy with other projects he wasn't available to return as Mike, so the director managed to get original actor A Michael Baldwin to come back.

  • A lot of the bloodier action scenes were trimmed to get an R rating in the US (meaning minors can see the film if accompanied by an adult). However there is an uncut workprint bootleg in circulation in the US which features all the blood & violence intact and some alternate scenes of dialogue and is some 10 mins longer than the original release.

  • A short scene featuring The Tall Man pushing Tim on a cart was removed because, according to the director, the cart would not roll correctly.

  • An alternate ending was shot, but ultimately not used. This shows Reggie and Tim going to Alaska and burying the Tall Man's gold sphere in a small container underneath the ice. Which they then cover over and mark with a metal plaque reading "Here lies The Tall Man. R.I.P."

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