Alternate titles : Gamma 693, The Chilling, Night of the Wermacht Zombies, Battalion of the Living Dead, Sister of Death.

Tagline : "YOU Could be next..."

Night of the SS ZombiesNot to be confused with "Zombie Creeping Flesh" (Hell of the Living Dead), which is also known as "Night of the Zombies". This film takes place in the German alps, where a couple of investigators from a joint German and American war graves commission are looking for bodies of missing troops that fought in the area during World War 2.

When the 2 men are found dead by the local authorities, the US government sends CIA agent Nick Monroe (Jamie Gillis) to investigate, believing they may have been murdered by a bunch of US Army deserters, who crashed in the area near the end of the war.

Heading up into the mountains with a search team to see what they can find, as night falls they are shocked to hear the sounds of troop movements and German and American machine guns blazing in the background.

Investigating further, they find that not only are the missing US Army troops still alive and well after all these years, but they haven't aged a day since their arrival. Not only that, but they are permanently engaged in a battle with a detachment of German SS troops, as the gas the US chemical core was transporting all those years ago has had an adverse affect on all of them.

Directed by 70's B-movie director Joel M Reed, this isn't the best of the Nazi zombie films but certainly isn't the worst either (that dubious honour goes to Oasis of the Zombies). Worth a watch, but gets a bit slow at times. Though as of 2021, has still yet to receive a legitimate release on Disc anywhere.

Overall Marks : 4:10.

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