Alternate titles : City of the walking Dead, Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata, Grossangriff Der Zombies, Invasion by the Atomic Zombies, La Invasión de los Zombies atómicos, Attack of the Zombies.

Tagline : "Now they are everywhere! There is no escape!"

Nightmatre CityThis daftly enjoyable Italian zombie film from the infamous Umberto Lenzi (Mr Cannibal Ferox himself) starts with a news report about a radioactive leak at one of country's main nuclear plants. The scientist in charge, Professor Hagenback, is supposed to be flying in to give a TV interview, and so news reporter Dean Miller (Hugo Stiglitz) and a camera crew goes to the airport to meet him.

As they arrive, they see the security forces rushing to surround an unmarked military carrier, which has just landed. So grabbing their cameras, they they go in for a closer look. But to everyone's surprise, the plane's doors suddenly open and a flood of radiation scarred zombies, lead by the aformetioned Proffessor, burst out, completely overwhelming the surrounding police and army units.

The news crew capture the spectacular scenes of mayhem on camera, but when they try to air the footage at the TV station, the Military pull the plug. But before Millar can argue the point, the zombies then attack the TV station in another gory rampage. Having just barely got out alive, Millar decides to get grab his wife, who works at the Hospital, and flee the city. Only to arrive just as the zombies turn up, and yet ANOTHER gory bloodbath ensues.

Though Miller and his wife Ann (Laura Trotter) manage to escape, they quickly fall foul of more zombies and end up fighting a series of running battles in their attempt to flee the city. As the police and Military, lead by General Murchison (played by US actor Mel Ferrer) continue to loose ground to the radioactive zombies, in several spectacularly violent battles.

This is one of those films that you either love or hate, zombie lovers and euro-horror fans will undoubtedly love it, whilst fans of mainstream American horror will undoubtedly loathe it (lets face it, it's no Dawn of the Dead). Don't be put off, whilst the films relatively low budget is rather apparent (ill fitting uniforms, rough acting, poor dubbing etc...) it more than makes up for this with it's fast pace and graphically gory content in which we get to see zombies hacking at peoples faces with various gardening tools, gouging peoples eyes out with pokers, and hacking off women's breasts with kitchen knives. Great Stuff!!!!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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